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In order to begin, you must send in a request for QUANTITY and CATEGORY. This is no cost in ordering the bags. The Bags Without Borders team will then ship you the backpacks, as well as instructions for suggested items.

Choose how many backpacks you would like from one or multiple categories. If you do not care what category you receive, type in the amount of desired bags next to No Preference.


Quantity: Category:
Girl (Ages 2-4) - Pink Backpack
Girl (Ages 5-7) - Purple Backpack
Girl (Ages 8-10) - Lime Backpack
Girl (Ages 11-13) - Teal Backpack
Boy (Ages 2-4) - Blue Backpack
Boy (Ages 5-7) - Orange Backpack
Boy (Ages 8-10) - Red Backpack
Boy (Ages 11-13) - Yellow Backpack
Girl (Ages 14-17) - Maroon Backpack
Boy (Ages 14-17) - Black Backpack
No Preference
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